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Poen de Wijs

VC Art Guide 2024

VC Art Guide 2024

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From the content of this digital book
Discover the fascinating world of art and photography with this VC ART GUIDE 2024, curated by John Vijlbrief. The richly illustrated guide takes an engaging look at the artist couple Poen de Wijs and Marion van Nieuwpoort, whose lives were dedicated to their artistic calling. Discover these unique collections consisting of no less than 1,283 works, where Poen's Realistic style and Marion's Expressionism come together, sometimes even on one canvas.

From art digitization to print-on-demand
As a photographer, producer of documentaries, and author, John Vijlbrief has spent the past ten years fully committed to preserving the cultural heritage of Poen and Marion for future generations. Discover in this guide how he has digitized all their artworks, enabling reproductions on various media, from archival paper to fabric. With 'print on demand,' art enthusiasts can now enjoy these masterpieces in any desired format.

Travel photography
The VC Art Guide not only provides insight into the artistic heritage but also highlights the photographic work of photographer/documentary producer John Vijlbrief. His travel photography is interwoven in various digital books that depict his adventurous Road Trips across Europe.

Digital books on art and painting techniques
Also, explore the extensive series of digital books on the art and painting techniques of Poen and Marion, as well as information on Master Painter Poen's Masterclasses on painting techniques in video format.

An exciting journey through art and photography
Immerse yourself in the versatile content of the VC Art Guide 2024, a book that not only informs but takes you on an exciting journey through the art and photography of the unique Vijlbrief Collectie!

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English language, digital book
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