Dutch Art and Photographs from the prestigious Vijlbrief Collectie

Brushstrokes tell tales, books unfold adventures, and photographs capture memories.

  • Dive into the diverse art collections of the painters Poen de Wijs and Marion van Nieuwpoort. The choice of artworks in a living space reflects the taste, interests, and personality of the resident, giving the home a unique and personal touch.

    Poen de Wijs 
  • Observing art can have a calming effect and reduce stress. Carefully chosen artwork can provide a refuge, allowing residents to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Choose from the paintings, watercolours, drawings and lithographs of Marion van Nieuwpoort and Poen de Wijs.

    Marion van Nieuwpoort 
  • The power of visuals: uncover beautiful photographic moments. John Vijlbrief's photographic collection for your home decor. Photographs can evoke memories of specific events and special places. They act as visual time capsules.

    John Vijlbrief 
  • The latest trends

    An affordable wall full of art! Thanks to the best reproduction techniques. Barely any difference between original art and art prints. The possibilities are extensively discussed and showcased in the Vijlbrief Collectie Art Guide 2024.

  • How to get VC Art Guide 2024

    Not €24, but temporarily for free! Packed with tips and advice on art collecting, our artists, their techniques, and painting themes, and so on... Until the end of July, we offer you the opportunity to download this new Art Guide 2024 for free.
    Send your email to: johnvijlbrief@gmail.com

  • Art for every budget

    We offer original art pieces, as well as high-quality art prints (reproductions). Lastly, explore our gift shop featuring art at attractive prices. All these options are covered in our Art Guide 2024.

  • A surprising and comprehensive series of digital books about our painters. That's the strength of the Vijlbrief Collectie: supporting material that allows you to truly get to know our artists!

  • Hop into John's camper and ride along on his journeys to beautiful locations in Europe. Pick your desired Road Trip and embrace the adventure. Let's go!

  • Poen de Wijs (1948-2014) is among the great 20th-century painters of Realism. Interviews with Poen about his art were featured in prominent magazines, from Tableau to Playboy NL.

    Digital Books 
  • More than a gift shop, a wellspring of inspiration! Discover enchanting items in our gift shop.

  • Art prints. Framed, with or without mat? In the frame(colour) of your choice.

  • Not a dull backpack, but your favourite art by Poen de Wijs, Marion van Nieuwpoort or John Vijlbrief's photography.

  • Bags with your favorite art print! You'll find an extensive collection of tote bags in the gift shop. Which one suits you?

  • Acrylic block featuring your favorite artwork by your chosen artist. A standout piece in any interior, especially when paired with a framed piece on your wall.

  • The pin is back in style! For just a few euros, you can pin your favourite art to your shawl, jacket or hat. What's even more fun: multiple pins on your jacket! It catches attention, and you're sure to get questions about it. This way, you initiate a delightful conversation. Perhaps you'll even meet your true love this way...

  • Deepen your passion and elevate your skills. Our Masterclasses on video provide the key to creative growth and self-expression.

  • With a choice of five different Masterclasses (spoken in English) on video, there is undoubtedly one that suits you. Oil, acrylic, or watercolour? Lithography? The Masterclasses are conducted by Master Painter Poen de Wijs.

  • These Masterclasses come with a digital study book containing examples, providing a recap of the course material. Some Masterclasses also include a folder with working drawings, allowing you to witness the creation of an artwork step by step.

  • John Vijlbrief organiseert periodiek de workshop ‘Inspiratie gesprek’. In deze boeiende en levendige workshop vertelt John Vijlbrief u meer over de kunstcollecties van het kunstenaarsechtpaar Poen & Marion. Hij doet dit themagericht en chronologisch. Zo gidst John u door de kunstwerken/oeuvres van de kunstenaars Poen en Marion en gaat hij dieper in op de thema’s die zij ooit kozen voor hun schilder-, litho- en aquarelwerk.

  • Locaties en calendarium
    De workshops vinden plaats op verschillende locaties in Nederland. Het actuele programma en de agenda is op te vragen via een e-mail johnvijlbrief@gmail.com

    The workshops will take place at various locations in the Netherlands.
    The current program/agenda can be requested via an e-mail.

  • John Vijlbrief periodically organizes the ‘Workshop inspirational conversation’. In this workshop, John shares more about the art collections of this artist power couple, Poen & Marion. He does this thematically and chronologically, guiding you through the artworks/oeuvres of the painters Poen and Marion. He delves into the themes they chose for their paintings and watercolours.