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Poen de Wijs

Lessons in Acrylic Gold | Copper | Silver painting Masterclass on video with study book by Poen de Wijs

Lessons in Acrylic Gold | Copper | Silver painting Masterclass on video with study book by Poen de Wijs

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Ever dreamt of learning the art of painting with metallic acrylic paint in gold, copper and silver? Your dream is about to come true! Join forces with the renowned Dutch painter Poen de Wijs and film producer John Vijlbrief as they unveil a series of exclusive  Masterclasses on painting that will elevate your artistic prowess to new heights. 

Your journey to becoming a true artist in painting with metallic paints can start today. Once you've made your payment, you'll receive the complete package—video and the digital textbook—via WeTransfer, the ultimate safeguard against piracy. The digital book is not just any textbook; it's a masterpiece in itself, adorned with captivating illustrations that bring the teachings to life.

No need for tedious logins or passwords. We've implemented the latest security measures to protect our valuable materials. Each package is armed with a secret code, rendering illegal copying an impossible feat.

About our Masterclasses: immerse yourself in the world of art with this exclusive Masterclass package. The video is a treasure trove of knowledge, guided by the hand of Modern Realism luminary Poen de Wijs himself. Witness every stroke and technique as he unveils the artistry that made him legendary.

Unveil the well-guarded secrets of Modern Realism, one step at a time, in this special painting process with metallic paint. 

Don't miss this golden opportunity to learn from the best. Join us in this artistic odyssey and unlock your hidden potential as a painter. 


After your payment, you will receive a download code with which you can download the digital book. We will send you the video clips separately on the same day via WeTransfer.

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Only in an English version.

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