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Poen de Wijs

Lessons in Acrylic painting Masterclass on video with study book by Poen de Wijs

Lessons in Acrylic painting Masterclass on video with study book by Poen de Wijs

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Would you like to receive lessons in acrylic painting from one of the prominent Dutch painters in 20th-century Modern Realism art? In collaboration with film producer John Vijlbrief, the renowned painter Poen de Wijs has curated an exclusive and concise Masterclass for you. This Masterclass include informative video clips paired with a beautifully crafted digital study book, complete with captivating illustrations. Upon payment, you will receive the comprehensive package, including the video clips, textbook and artwork files, through WeTransfer.

For your convenience and security, we do not employ login credentials. Instead, we use WeTransfer to deliver the digital package, with each package featuring a unique code to deter unauthorized copying.

About Our Masterclasses
Each Masterclass package comprises instructional video clips and a corresponding study book. Poen de Wijs, the Dutch painter of Modern Realism, meticulously guides you through every step of the painting process in these video clips. You can leisurely peruse the study book before or after watching the clips. Additionally, for select Masterclasses, we provide the artwork files.

To streamline the learning experience, we have condensed the painting process in the videos, sparing you from hours of viewing. These videos reveal the essential steps and the artist's "secret" techniques in Modern Realism, allowing you to enhance your painting skills efficiently.


After your payment, you will receive a download code with which you can download the digital book. We will send you the video clips separately on the same day via WeTransfer.

Filesize 348 MB
68 Pages
5 Videos

Only in an English version.

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